Yes, you are responsible for paying your eye care professional. You will receive reimbursement through your company’s payroll process for covered services after you submit a claim online.

You must be a registered user to access the claim form. Login to submit your claim form or click here to register. Once logged in, click on the Claims and Reimbursement tab. The system will walk you through the claim submission process.

You will need your eye care professional’s information (provider name, phone number, post code), as well as an itemized receipt of the service(s) you received. The itemized receipt can be scanned or you can take a picture, and save it as a .jpeg, .jpg or .pdf file.

You have 180 days from the date you receive service(s) to submit your claim for reimbursement.

We process your claim typically within seven (7) business days of submission, and send the reimbursement amount to your payroll department. Your payroll department will reimburse you via their standard payroll process. Their processing time will vary. If two pay cycles have passed and you still have not received your reimbursement, please use the Contact Us feature on the website.

You will receive your reimbursement via your company payroll process.

You may not be eligible to submit for reimbursement if you have already been reimbursed for vision services within your policy year, or if you are not eligible for reimbursement on the services you received based on your company’s vision care benefit.